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From the Stone Age, the Agricultural Age, the commercial Age to the data Age, kith, and kin have step by step been free of serious labor. With the event of science and technology, they’re close to entering the Machine Age within which robots can work, experience, and even suppose for kith and kin.

The human minority can continue the last word exploration of the universe. With a long road ahead, the minority is lonely. attributable to the dreams, the minority is additionally happy!

What concerning the majority? wherever can they go? What ought to do? turn out to be digits within the virtual world? Lying quietly sort of stone to feel the flow of your time and sit up for the weather to change…No dreams within the future. NO! Human’s area unit born for dreams.

In the poor Machine Age, there’s little doubt that individuals can miss routine add the data Age, whistles within the Industrial Age, idyllic scenery within the Agricultural Age, slash-and-burn cultivation within the Stone Age.

Robotime® offers a world first in 3-D Assembly Puzzle technology. Starting with the robotic T-REX, Robotime now makes over 400 DIY Wooden puzzle items. Ranging from Robotic Dinosaurs, Mechanical Gears, DIY house, Music Box, Cars, Airplanes, Famous buildings, and many other easy DIY items. Our goal is to build DIY fun in your life that can put a smile on anyone’s face. In addition, our excellent Research&design team can customize the project as you like.

Robotime comes with dreams.

ROBUD provides your dreams with their wings to fly. very little companion throughout the childhood- Robud.
ROLIFE takes you to expertise on the planet of beauty along with your own hands. Your bloom is that the reason of breeze- Rolife.
ROKR accompanies you to expertise the geek skill of the commercial Age. Geek within the Machine Age- Rokr.

ROBOTIME is born for dreams, born in 2007.

Robotime DIY

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