Mechanical Puzzle

Mechanical Puzzle

Robotime ROKR Mechanical Puzzle Kits

Build your own working mechanical model made of real wood!

The self-assembly model kits and everything you need comes in the package, you do not need any additional materials. Do not be afraid to get confused in so many details, You just need to assemble it step-by-step with our English instruction. Do it with Patience and confidence.

It is an ideal and creative gift to surprise friends, families, Birthday/ Christmas.A good choice for someone who is a DIY lover. It looks great and pretty to show on your table, showcase make your home more beautiful.

Perfectly designed DIY Mechanical Puzzle kits that require your hands-on work to complete. Mechanical wooden puzzle uses precision laser cutting of high- quality plywood, which is safe and convenient.

The ability to work out hand- crafted, but also bring fun to your life. Making this mechanical model toy requires not only attentiveness but also patience and empowerment. In addition, the successful installation will produce a sense of accomplishment, so you feel very substantial.