Robotime DIY Dollhouse

Robotime DIY Dollhouse

Robotime DIY Miniature Dollhouse

The most fashionable and detailed DIY Miniature houses in the world. Handmade all the parts together by yourself, enjoy the pleasure of creating your dream house. With all kinds of mini houses and apartments, you can find what you love!

Robotime DIY Model Kits | Best Gift Ever for Everyone

Shop the best gift and hobby. DIY miniatures, 3d wooden puzzles, and building toys. Rolife Mini DIY House Kit-Woodcraft Construction Kit-Wooden Model Building Set.
Robotime DIY mini dollhouse is very well made, using a miniature scale of about 1:24. All pieces are in separate bags and a colorful step by step instruction book is included, which is a joy to read and very clear. The materials in the kit are eco-friendly, have no burrs.

Perfect Gift and Excellent Home Decor

No one will refuse such a fairy DIY house gift!If you are a DIY lover or have patience and time, this product is very suitable for you, it is more delicate than the average handicrafts.